Does My Business Need A Logo?

Samford Design & Print
15 Feb 2022

If you’re starting a new business, chances are you have a long list of things to get yourself set up and looking professional. A logo should be one of them.

Logos Tell Your Story

Customers have short attention spans. Studies show you need to capture their attention within just a few seconds.

A good logo will quickly communicate who you are and what you do and attract your ideal customer long enough to get them looking at more.

Each of these logos clearly communicates the business’s industry at a glance.

The Right Time

A logo is the cornerstone of creating recognition and branding for any business. It should be front and centre on your social media, website, business cards, flyers, signage, and packaging.

If you’re starting to use any of these, you need a logo.

How to Choose a Logo

Working with Graphic Designers like Samford Design & Print makes this part easy.

We have decades of experience with businesses from a wide range of industries. We’ll give you advice on what works for your industry, attracts your clients, and is on-trend.

Our logo design process includes learning about you, your customers, and your business goals. We’ll work with you to create a logo design that works for you now and into the futre.

You can view a portfolio of our recent logo designs here and some popular logo design packages for businesses here.

The Author

Samford Design & Print

Jo is the proud owner of Samford Design and Print and the lead Graphic Designer of the team

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