What is Branding & Why Does it Matter?

Samford Design & Print
17 Jan 2022

Branding is essentially the personality of your business. It includes your logo, colours, graphics, website design, etc.

Good branding creates a strong, positive, and instantly recognisable connection to your business. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, a brick-and-mortar shop, a service-based business, or an eCommerce store, branding can make or break your relationship with your customer.

Creating branding that’s industry appropriate is also important. For example, a children’s educational brand is better suited to bright colours and rounded fonts that create a playful, friendly aesthetic. However, a high-end restaurant should have more elegant fonts and classic subdued colours.

Our professional Graphic Designers at Samford Design & Print have a good understanding of the psychology of colour, current trends, and the small touches that will appeal to your ideal customer.

Consistency is Key

Using consistent fonts, colours, and design across all your business materials creates consistency and trust with your customer. Think logo, business card, invoice templates, flyers, social media templates, website icons, and more.

It is unlikely that only one person will be creating all the materials for your business, which means there is a risk of inconsistency.

Branding Guides

Graphic Designers like Samford Design & Print can create a custom branding guide for your business which you can distribute to staff and contractors. A branding guide should include details of fonts, colour breakdowns in CMYK and RGB, and rules of thumb for accompanying graphic styles.

Wherever possible, it’s a good idea to have a Graphic Designer work on as many materials as possible so they can make sure everything works together.

Where to Start

Even if you already have a logo design and some minimal branding, we can create a branding guide to help you keep things looking professional branded as your business expands.

To align with any updated branding, Samford Design & Print can also adjust your existing report templates, invoice sheets, letterhead, social media graphics, etc.

If you want professional help creating your logo and branding from scratch or just fine-tuning what you already have, you can view our design packages or contact us for a quote.

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Jo is the proud owner of Samford Design and Print and the lead Graphic Designer of the team

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