What Makes A Good Logo?

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1 Mar 2022

Congratulations! You’re on your business journey, and it’s time to get a logo.

Our Graphic Designers have a few top tips for what makes a good logo – and with a few decades worth of experience working with businesses from all sorts of industries, they know their stuff.

DIY vs. Designer

You’re the expert at what you do – and we’re the experts at Graphic Design.

Online logo templates are rarely the correct file types and are usually used by so many other businesses that you’ll start to get lost in the crowd.

Getting a logo created through a professional Graphic Designer ensures you’ll get a top-quality and unique design that tells your story, is scalable, and in all the correct file types.

Your logo is the foundation that the rest of your business brand is built on. It’s worth getting it right as early as possible to save you stress further down the line.


Every logo should tell a story. It’s the first impression your customers will have of you and your business. Everything from font choice to colours will subconsciously communicate a business’s values, industry, and quality.

It’s a Graphic Designers job to learn about what you do and translate that into a logo that communicates that to your customers. At Samford Design & Print, we take the time to discuss what you do, your ideal customer, and plans for the future.

Whether your business is serious, quirky, high end, or homemade – all that can be conveyed through your logo.


A good logo needs to be scalable. It should be easy to read or recognise on social media as well as when printed on large signage.

Even if you only initially intend to use a logo digitally, it’s wise to choose a design that allows for larger display/printing purposes in the future.

Graphic Designers should provide you with your logo files as a vector (a .eps or .ai file which can be resized in design programs) and high and low-resolution versions of your logo.

At Samford Design & Print, we always provide a full suite of logo images and files for your use.

Keep It Simple

The best logos are often simple. A logo design should generally have no more than two fonts and a maximum of three colours, including black.

If you want to include more colours and fonts in your business, it’s better to use them in the overall branding rather than trying to cram everything you want into one logo.

For example, you could have a single colour logo but use additional complementary colours on your business card and website to tie everything together.

Remember, your logo has a lot to convey in just a few seconds. Adding too much to a design can confuse people and create a disconnect with what they associate with your business.

The great news is you can get a good logo that sets you up for success right now.

You can view a portfolio of our recent logo designs here and some popular logo design packages for businesses here.

Or, if you’d like to talk about a custom package to suit your business needs, ask us for a quote.

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Jo is the proud owner of Samford Design and Print and the lead Graphic Designer of the team

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